The BTB Advantage

There are many reasons for which you will love BTB Realty but the main advantages of working with us are these.

  • We will pay you a minimum of $3,000 cash upon closing when we act as your registered buying agent. Nice!
  • We will help you find the right new home. We know the real estate market in the Inland Empire better than anyone else because we have visited every single new home community in the Inland Empire!
  • We will get you the lowest possible monthly payments by negotiating the lowest possible interest rate.


  1. The $3,000 back comes from our commission.

Yep, from the money that the builder will pay to us, BTB Realty, for acting as your agent. We can only pay you this money if we receive a commission, and builders will try to avoid paying a commission whenever possible. That is why it is so important that you contact us before you contact the builder so that we can be registered as your buying agent upon your first visit to the builder. The only guaranteed way for you to get $3,000 in your pocket upon closing on your new home is to have a BTB agent with you on your very first visit to the builder.

Every single builder has the same rule: The buyer’s agent must accompany the buyer on the buyer’s first visit to the sales center to be registered as the buyer’s agent.

Even if you are already working with an agent, if you visit a sales center without your agent the Builder will refuse to pay any commission to your Real Estate Agent.

Even you don’t “sign-in” on your first visit, if a member of the buyer’s sales team recognizes you during a later visit and claims that you had already visited the sales center, the builder will refuse to pay any commission to your agent.

Moreover, if a builder can prove that you signed up for an interest list online prior to the date that we are registered as your agent, the builder will refuse to pay any selling commission.

No commission for us, no money back to you 🙁


2. We have an in-depth knowledge of all of the new home communities in the Inland Empire.

Because of that, our agents know where the best deals are for your money, when and where each homebuilder will offer price breaks and extra incentives, and how to give you the advantage when you walk into the builder’s sales center. We can help you narrow your search and save you thousands of dollars at closing.

Our team of new home experts has toured or closed deals in every community located within the Inland Empire.

And we have access to the only comprehensive database that includes all of the different variables that determine the price and affordability of every new construction home

All this translates to finding you the right home at the lowest possible price.

Builders generally advertise a price range for homes in their communities but on most websites, you won’t find tax rates and HOA fees. This means that monthly payments can vary by as much as $1,000 on two homes with the same exact “sale price” and the same interest rate. Because we have access to the actual cost of new homes, we can get you a better deal. Give us a few minutes on the phone and we will show you how the same monthly mortgage payment can buy you a $350,000 home in one new home community, or a $400,000 home in a community down the street!


  1. Lower monthly payments. Helping you find the perfect home is only the first step. Helping you afford it is the second.

At BTB, we have closed thousands of new home transactions. We have over 20 years of expertise in mortgage lending and real estate law. No other agency understands builder contracts, builder mortgages and builder processes better than us. That is why no other agent can help you negotiate as good a deal on your new construction home as we can.

When you buy a house from a builder you will have to play the builder’s game.

  • You will be required to sign a 50+ page purchase contract designed to protect the home-builder, and written by the builder’s attorneys.
  • You will be obligated to prequalify with the builder’s mortgage company and heavily incentivized to use their in-house lender who generally offers a less than favorable financing.
  • You will need to use the builder’s title and escrow services, be solicited by their insurance broker and asked to rely solely on their “professional” final inspection of the home.
  • You will need to navigate the many phases of construction and the various common practices and setbacks associated with the extensive home building process.

What will you do with all that extra money?

Give us a call now and one of our licensed agents will meet you at any new housing community in the Inland Empire in 90 minutes or less!