How To Find Your Decorating Style For Eastvale New Homes

Have you purchased a new home recently? Not sure how to start decorating in a way that reflects your personality? These easy tips and tricks will help you design your  Eastvale new homes unique to your way. 




Our home not only provides us with shelter and a sense of security, but it also provides us with a beautiful blank canvas in which to show off our personality. It should reflect our lifestyle while also being comfortable to live in. These tips below are some easy ways for you to figure out your personal decorating style so you can start to craft your dream home.


  1. Create a Pinterest board

Pinterest is a great place to check out if you are searching for inspiration. By creating a board, you are able to save images that you admire all in one place. Saving images will allow you to review what the board looks like so you can get a sense of everything that you are drawn to design-wise. 


  1. Buy an “anchor” piece

What is an anchor piece? This is an item that you find that you just love, that you will use as the inspiration for the rest of the room. This could be a lamp, a frame, or any piece of furniture that you love. By styling the rest of the room around this one piece, you are able to style it around something you know you love.


  1. Create a mood board

A mood board is a lot like Pinterest, except that it is in real life. While it may sound like a simple idea, a corkboard provides you the perfect canvas to collect inspiring images onto. Gather magazine clips, photos of Eastvale new homes, postcards, or even bits of color that you like. As you collect things onto your board, you will start to see your personal design style evolve.


  1. Start small

You will easily be able to figure out your personal design style by designing a small space like an end table, a small shelf, or even the dresser in your bedroom. Arrange items on the small space you chose and keep it like that for a week or so to be able to see if you continue to like the items and the way they are designed. By designing a small area, it is much less intimidating than doing your entire home. If you end up enjoying the way that the small space is designed, then you can start to spread it across the rest of your house. 


  1. Take a flower arrangement class

Flowers are a great source of inspiration for home decor. By taking a flower arranging class, you are given the opportunity to play around with different colors, textures, and shapes. You might learn that you are drawn to more minimal arrangements, or you could learn that you enjoy mixing a bunch of different colors. Either way, a flower arrangement class could be just the thing you need to do to be able to learn what your design style is.


  1. Attend a designer showhouse

A lot of interior designers will participate in showhouses where they get the opportunity to decorate a room that best reflects the styles and trends they currently love. By visiting one, it could help you discover something that you would like to see in your own Eastvale new homes.


By doing all of these simple and easy tips, you will be able to discover your personal design style. Now take your newly found personal design style and decorate your new homes in Eastvale CA and show off your personality in the process.