New Homes in Corona Have Features Buyers Want

As you hunt for new homes in Corona, make sure that you keep your eyes open for the trends below. New homes tend to deliver on the features that you most desire that older homes tend to not have. 


Here are the top 10 features of new homes in Corona Ca that buyers want:

Open Concept

Newly built homes tend to offer more spacious and flowing floor plans as well as a high ceiling. You will find that older homes won’t have this just because an open concept layout is a more modern way of building a home.


Smaller Houses

Larger homes may be beautiful, but they are costly to maintain. Since new homes Corona Ca come in a wide variety of sizes, it makes it easy to find the perfect size for you.


Outdoor Living Areas

Many buyers want to be able to have people gather in their home and feel welcomed. By having an outdoor living area, this provides more space to be able to entertain guests. A survey from 2011 found that 31.4 percent of buyers said they either must have or really want an outdoor living area.


Neutral Decor

Newer houses tend to offer more neutral designs so that the buyer is really able to envision how they would decorate it themselves.


Modern Kitchens

Everyone knows that the heart of every home is the kitchen. Newer models really shine with all of the latest cabinetry, countertops, lighting, and design. They also will feature top of the line appliances, most times.


Growing Communities

Many of today’s new homes in Corona are part of communities that offer fun amenities like clubhouses, pools, playgrounds, and even hiking areas! These communities are constantly growing and they allow you to move into an area where you are more likely to make friends with your neighbors.


Green for the Earth

The Home Energy Rating System is the industry standard for rating how efficient energy is in homes. The lower the score, the more green the home is. Newer homes tend to be about 30 percent more efficient than an older one.


Tons of Storage

Older homes don’t tend to have a lot of closet and storage space. So by buying a new home, you are more likely to find one with a really nice walk-in closet and tons of storage space for your linens and everything else.


Energy-Efficient Fixtures & Appliances

Continuing on from the Home Energy Rating System, new homes in Corona feature appliances that are extremely energy efficient as well. Heating and cooling systems are also efficient as well.


Large Garage Space

Many many homes will have a larger garage that is capable of holding your family vehicles, as well as a small storage space for things like holiday decorations or your sporting equipment.


New homes win over old homes every time. By buying a new home, you are more likely to get everything you want (and possibly more!). You should never settle for less.