Should I buy Carpet or Hardwood for New Homes in Murrieta?

For those who have just bought of our new homes in Murrieta, you may be considering having your floors done. That leads to the question, of course, as to what kinds of floors are best? There is an age-old debate between hardwood and carpet flooring, and if you are considering one of the two options, then read below! We are outlining some of the main facts that you need to know about each one:



Hardwood floors are undoubtedly the more prestigious of the two, with many homeowners admiring their elegant and luxurious appearance. But it is also equally true that hardwood floor installation is much more expensive than that of carpets, with the former averaging out to $9-$12 per foot. Carpets, by contrast, are a scant $3-$5 per foot, so if you are tight on a budget, perhaps carpets are the better purchase. Price is very important when determining whether to get your floors done in our New Homes in Murrieta, as you may spend a good deal on top of your home purchase. Thankfully for you, investing in your floors is also a direct investment in your home, as hardwood flooring will directly increase its resale value.




But, of course, money is only one part of the equation. Carpet is preferred by many homeowners because of its soft, comfortable texture that can relieve pain and stress on one’s feet. Hardwood floors are the opposite, with foot conditions and other ailments not receiving as much relief from the hard surfaces. Keep in mind as well that hardwood floors are also uncomfortable to kneel or lay down upon, so if you have young children this should be a consideration for them.


With regards to cleaning, however, hardwood floors are much more manageable. Dust and dirt are more easily visible on its surface, while they often get stuck within carpets. And while stains are not too difficult to clean in carpets, if you are serious about household maintenance and cleanliness then hardwood floors are probably the better bet.




The largest advantage of hardwood floors is undoubtedly their durability, with a properly maintained hardwood floor having a lifespan of 100 years! Carpet, by contrast, is recommended to be changed at the latest every 15 years. But hardwood floors are by no means decay-proof, as scratches and stains can actually be harder to remove in some cases than carpets. Carpets are also sound-insulating, which will help keep the higher rooms in your home quieter, whereby contrast hardwood floors actually amplify sound. Also, it is generally not advised to make have the floors in your kitchen be hardwood, as the greater possibility of liquid spillage can damage and warp the floors. So keep that in mind when deciding which floors are better for you. 




Okay, so we have been listing many factors in favor of hardwood floors, but by no means is your choice simply clear cut between the two. Your choice of flooring depends on your particular situation with regards to your budget, your design, and your cleaning/maintenance preferences. Although carpets may be less durable and dirtier than hardwood floors, they can still be a big step up compared to standard flooring, and 15 years is still 15 years! 


Perhaps the best approach is, if your budget allows it, to have some rooms in your home be hardwood and other carpets. For example, many homeowners prefer carpet flooring in their bedroom or on higher floors because of their comfort as well as sound-insulating properties, but then have the lower floors of their home be hardwood so as to have an elegant presentation for guests. A mix of the two floors can allow you to have the best of both worlds!


We hope this guide helped you in your decision between carpet and hardwood floors so that when you move into one of our new homes in Murrieta CA you will be ready to start your home life!