Some Easy Tips to Keep the Backyard Of New Homes in Riverside CA Clean!

If you are ready to move into one of our new homes in Riverside CA then congratulations, the beauty of home life awaits you! But where many of us may be focused on what is going on in the insides of our homes, all too often we neglect our backyard, which quickly becomes a mess in many homes. But have no fear! We have some standard advice to help keep your backyard looking crisp and clean:



Put Up Your Hose

Okay, I will admit that I myself have not yet done this for my backyard, but having a designated location to hang or put away your hose will do wonders in fixing up your yard. Not only does a loose hose look disorganized and out-of-place in an otherwise nice yard, but its sliding along the ground will also transport dirt, dust, and other kinds of filth all around your yard. New homes in Riverside comes with spacious backyards, so don’t mess them up by dragging mud everywhere! The best option for your hose is to either buy or build a hose holder so that you can wrap up your hose off the ground. It essentially a stake in the ground, and so is very easy to install and use.

Get A Storage Rack

A storage rack for the outside of your home will go a long way to make sure all your outside tools and appliances have a sure place to be and are not all lying about. Whether you buy a standard metal rack or a more fanciful design, a storage area will make sure that your backyard is organized, for most people do not realize the sheer amount of objects that will find themselves a home in your backyard. Take a moment as well to organize the different shelves between those items for outside work (such as shovels, rakes, et cetera) and those items for personal use, such as towels. This will make a storage rack even more convenient!

Make a Foot Cleaner

You can go in a couple of different directions with this. For some people, a foot cleaner is as simple as taking a welcome mat and plopping it in their backyard, but for others, a more significant investment is required. Some people will leave a bucket out with water so that when are going to go inside, such as after playing on the grass or mud for example, that you can clean off your feet. Others, however, use a pile of smooth stones in a low container to simply knock off the larger pieces of gunk on your feet. Regardless of which method you prefer, having a foot cleaner will help make sure that your backyard stays outside and does not come into your home.

Set Down some Walking Stones

This veers a little on the design edge but is still very useful for directly organizing your backyard itself. Take a few square stones (or just any stones that you can walk on) and create a path(s) through your backyard to specific spots within it such as a pool, table, et cetera. This will you and any guests to keep your shoes or feet clean when they just want to use your outside amenities. Not every step outside needs to be a trip to the park!

When you buy one of our new homes in Riverside CA, make sure you make your backyard ready for all your magical family adventures ahead!