Where To Put A TV In New Homes In Menifee CA

Now that you have bought one of our new homes in Menifee CA, you are probably trying to determine what the best place to put your television is going to be? Whether it is Superbowl Sunday or just a late-night Netflix binge, your television is likely to become a gathering place in your home, and thus having the right room and place for it is a big question. Well lucky for you we have listed some important points to keep in mind when determining where to place your TV:



Concealed or Centerpiece?


This is a big debate among home decor enthusiasts, but the question often turns more on what the purpose of your living room (the most common place people place their TVs) is going to be. Many people organize their furniture and artwork around their television, making it the centerpiece of the room, usually with a couch oriented towards it and artwork placed around its surrounding space. 


This facilitates your family and friends watching your TV with convenience, but many homeowners find that it stifles social interaction. The latter often prefer their TV to be concealed by things like shutters or blinds, with a table in the living room being the center of the room’s gravity, with the TV thereby being only tangential or to be used when necessary. When deciding whether to put your TV, keep in mind what you want the point of your space to be. Perhaps you can have your TV be in your bedroom, or maybe your patio will be your designated hang out spot? Survey your house and do what makes you the most comfortable. 


High or Low?


Another common question for new homes Menifee is whether to place their TV in a higher or lower place in the room or more specifically, at eye level parallel to your couch (or bed) or higher up on the wall? This overlaps with the previous question but is more concerned with design than what is best for socializing. For example, many homeowners feel that a TV distracts from the theme or feng shui that they are attempting to harmonize a room, and so may prefer to place their TV high on a mantle so as to be less distracting. 


Other homeowners instead may embrace the TV as the centerpiece of their design for a room, and orient their art and furniture towards their television. In either case, we recommend that you invest in some wall mounts, which will vastly increase your possible options for where you can mount your TV, as well as help secure your TV from falling or being knocked over by any accident.


These are two of some of the most important questions that you need to face when deciding where to place your television, as many people are unaware just how large a factor it is in the layout of any room. The new homes in Menifee CA may be exciting, but a plan for your home will definitely help you make the most of it!