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More about Eastvale
Eastvale is one vast dormitory community full of curvy streets, manicured gardens, and rows and rows of newly built homes. A perfect place to raise a family. And with median prices around the mid 300,000s a place to call home that makes financial sense.

For a very long time, Eastvale was a rural area full of dairy farms. In the 1990s, the housing tracts started replacing the corrals, and now Eastvale is one of the fastest growing cities in California.

South of Eastvale is the River Walk Park, a perfect place to bring the kids for a long stroll or a bike ride. In spring, the park is full of life: flowers, lizards, butterflies, and the occasional bunny humping out of your way. A few miles to the west is the Chino Hills State Park which becomes a mantle of orange with the California puppies during the month of April in the years of a superbloom. If your daily commute keeps you within the Riverside and San Bernardino areas, there are few reasons to drive west of the 71. Eastvale has a world-class outdoor mall in Eastvale Getaway, good enough to include City Hall as one of its tenants. Within a short driving distance, you can reach more commercial options in Chino, Ontario, and Riverside. On top of that, having the Chino and Ontario airports so close makes a trip west of the 71 almost unnecessary.

What will you do with all that extra money?

Give us a call now and one of our licensed agents will meet you at any new housing community in Eastvale in 90 minutes or less!