Visiting a Builder Today?

The only guaranteed way for you to get $3,000 in your pocket when you close on your new home is to have a BTB Realty agent with you on your very first visit to the builder.

Call us right now and let us know which new housing communities you are planning to visit today. One of our licensed agents will meet you at your first destination in 90 minutes or less!

  • In addition to helping our buyers find the perfect home while negotiating the best possible deal, we will pay you $3,000 from our commission when you close on your new home.
  • Since all builders require an agent to accompany buyers on their first visit to the site to qualify for the commission, BTB must be with you on your first visit in order for you to receive your $3,000 at closing.

Whether you are going to visit the home-builder today, tomorrow or next month, give us a call and let BTB work for you. With our comprehensive insights into builder selling practices, we will help you navigate the new home buying process, getting you the best purchase price while saving you valuable time and money.

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Visiting a Builder Today?


The only way to get $3,000 cash when buying a new home is to have a BTB agent with you on your first visit to a community.


A BTB expert will help you get the best deal on everything from the purchase price & options, to the builder incentives & mortgage financing.

GET $3,000

BTB gives you $3,000 from our commission at closing which you can put towards closing costs, deposit in the bank or spend as you see fit!

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