Who is BTB Realty?

BTB Realty is the only real estate brokerage in the nation that specializes in helping buyers purchase new construction homes and the only REALTOR® with a mortgage partner that spent five years as the in-house lender to several national home builders. We are uniquely qualified to act as the new home buyer’s champion.

Our insider knowledge creates a balance of power that ensures that you walk away with the best possible deal on your dream home. Our unmatched lending experience, buyer education, and unique tools and processes will help you find, finance, and negotiate the best contract for your new construction home.

Our professional team is headed by real estate and mortgage leaders with a proven record of customer service and satisfaction. Contact us now to meet with (or switch to!) one of BTB Realty’s licensed agents and we will help you find the new home that ticks all of your boxes.

With BTB Realty, New Home Buyers Enjoy:

  • 20+ years of expertise in mortgage lending and real estate law.
  • Deep insider knowledge of new home construction sales.
  • A partner who makes sure you are fairly represented at the negotiation table.
  • $3,000 in your pocket at closing.
  • A dedicated local real estate agent.
  • A champion that will help you navigate the complexities of buying a new home.
  • Decades of insights into the tactics home builders use to keep more of your money.
  • Tools to fully stretch your budget.
  • A thorough understanding of builders’ costs to help you avoid sticker shock.
  • Lending and mortgage experience to guide you through contract negotiation.
  • A lender who will give you an accurate, fair, uninfluenced loan option.
  • An in-depth knowledge of all of the new home communities in the Inland Empire.

Your Realtors

Sean Kirwan, President
Sean is a real estate attorney with over 15 years of practical experience working with builders, developers, city planning departments, and individual homeowners.  With hundreds of real estate transactions and complex contract negotiations under his belt, Sean is dedicated to putting his bargaining skills to work for his clients to make sure each one gets the best deal on their new home. Prior to establishing BTB Realty, Sean co-founded and spent five years with Woodside Mortgage, our mortgage broker partner and the preferred lender to several national homebuilders. Sean is a strong advocate for fair and transparent practices that help buyers manage the mortgage and home buying process.

Sean is an active member of the State Bar of California, and a licensed mortgage and real estate broker.

Paul Wickstrom, Vice President
Paul has dedicated the last 20 years to helping homebuyers navigate the complexities of the mortgage process. As co-founder of Woodside Mortgage, he spent five years as the preferred lender to several national new home builders where he observed the challenges that new home buyers face. Paul puts his skills as a dynamic real estate broker and mortgage professional to work for new home buyers, helping them save thousands of dollars while assisting them through the new home purchase and lending process.

Paul is a member of the National Association of Realtors and is a Certified New Home Co-Broker.

Woodside Mortgage

Prior to becoming the exclusive brokerage partner for BTB Realty, Woodside served as the preferred lender for several national homebuilders. Not just experts at pre-qualifying new-home buyers, Woodside goes the extra mile to ensure that all buyers have a realistic understanding of how much variables like closing costs, tax rates and HOA fees can affect the cost of a new home and how much they change from one new home community to the next.

Woodside works with BTB Realty to provide a competitive, fair market loan offer when a buyer is ready to purchase a home. Woodside’s goal is to protect each buyer with advice and guidance when undertaking one of the biggest purchases of their lives. We also know that having a competitive offer from another lender is the only way for a buyer to negotiate with the builder’s preferred lender for the best rates and terms.

BTB Realty will never push our clients to use Woodside Mortgage. Our partnership’s purpose is to keep the builder’s preferred lender honest by requiring them to negotiate the best overall deal for BTB’s buyers, including utilizing and maximizing all available builder incentives.